"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells the less you know" -Diane Arbus

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gabriel Beinczycki

To me, Gabriel Beinczycki is probably of the most inspirational dance photographers of my list. Why? Because he is a FREELANCE photographer, who had now sprung is own booming business of dance photography and portfolio design, sort like what I talked about ealier.

Being the unique character that he is, Beinczycki is fluent in both English and Polish, and is operational in German, French, and Russain.

He studied, the cello and piano at Primary Music School from 1987-1993, ballet and modern dance at the National Ballet School in Poland from 1993-199, modern dance at Marah School of Dance from 1999-2000.

Beinczycki’s company is called Zebra Visual. In the past he had worked with Little Films, Becky Stendal Productions, Joseph Hudson/ACME Productions, Tri-Films Productions, Cardinal Films, Mary Pomerantz Advertising, Dance Advance, Comcast, Pennsylvania Ballet, Princeton University, Dance Magazine, and Oaks Productions.

His photographs are a great example of things you can do post-production. You can tell by looking at any of his collections that he is a fan of both photoshop and lightroom

What Beinczycki does best is create a powerful scene, and put motion into it. He has many collections where he had created these elaborate sets and placed dancers into them in the most unsuspecting ways. Some of them reflect certain time eras, or a certain time in our lifespan, some look urban while looks look fancy. Then when they dancers do their “thing” on the set, the set comes to life and the avant guard image is created. His photographer give what I call “the big picture”.

Beinczycki also does a lot of studio work similar to what Lois Greenfield did in her day. There are simple plain backgrounds, usually black or white and bright lights to illuminate the dancers body. He captures not just these seemingly impossible movements from the dancers, but this entirely new dramatic almost cinema-esque feel in his studio work. When you see his work, it feels like it’s a poster, or a still out of a movie.

If you’d like to take a look at Beinczycki’s photography check him out at http://www.zebravisual.com/movement/index.html